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Supply Chain Management - Demand of the Hour

The globalization of businesses around the world has brought forward a reality in the business environment, and that is competition. Globalization, being interaction of one country's economy of the world with other economies of the world, has brought markets for company's product and services, with the result that some global branded products hitherto, known to a limited few elite customers in some of the choicest markets only, could now be easily procured from one's domestic market, in one's own country. Examples could be delivery of the products through e-commerce routes or of 'Burger' or 'Pizza' and its unique taste from McDonald's, across all markets in Europe, USA, Asia or in any corner of the globe, where it is being offered. This enumeration, calls for understanding of the movement of goods and service benefits, from one continent country to another developed or developing country, new emerging markets, also called third-world markets, as also by the domestic players within the domestic markets.

Why multinational, global companies or domestic companies, want a share of a pie from these markets, is not much a question to ponder, yet the answer is obvious, presence, market share and associated profitability. But how and what strategy has been employed to reach satisfactorily the end customers, is the moot question that demands attention, generating understanding implications and necessary implementation by the marketers, in the realm of bringing profitability to the companies in the industry, thereby arresting the global challenges of sustenance and survival. To meet these challenges, and to gain a competitive advantage, with a viable focus on target customers and consumers, all the companies seem to adopt calculated strategies and tactics from time to time, as is the current scenario because reaching customers have become more vital than other corners of business. The issue is clear, no customers no business, no timely delivery no interest of customers for the offer, for the choice to customers is unlimited. This implies equally well, for both the individual as well as industrial customers. Businesses differentiate itself, and is not an economic monopoly, and it is in this valid appetite that the question arises, does the concept of 'Supply Chain Management' or SCM, has any answer in the context of the timely reach to the customers? Positively, marketers accept that, if the supply chain of the company is excellent, supported with right marketing mix, technological approach and trained manpower, the result is multi-fold. 'Supply Chain Management'; as a concept and as one of the specialization in the management programs is gaining prominence across industries and top business schools in the country, along with established expert areas of specialization, such as Marketing, Finance, International Business, and the likes.

The need of the hour for businesses is to strengthen their supplies of raw materials to their manufacturing plants, dividing departmental specific roles to individual employees, aligning with the logistics and supply chain partners for a gainful penetration in the market, and the likes. Across the world, many companies are involved in the supply chain management for their clients and business, as also providing viable training and placements to its employees. Demand of the trained supply chain and logistics management manpower is on the rise, given the fact that, every company which intends to grow in the competitive business environment is addressing its supply chain across all its verticals, bringing forth the application of competitive value-chain. Of late, addressing the competitive demand of the huge manpower, in the sector of logistics and supply chain management, among other institutions in the country, Lloyd Business School, has entered into as a partner with Safeducate, to train and nourish the upcoming talents, through its flagship 'Two-Year' Full-Time PGDM Program, with specialization in SCM. Such is the demand of trained manpower, that it is an astonishing to note that, B Schools are also entering the fray, taking the demand positively, to create professionals in supply chain management. Though common people, take any logistics company as only trucking company, it should be noted that, Supply Chain Management is a concept, and logistics is a part of the fray, which has an important role, not to be underrated. The whole crux of this short article is only one, the focus on 'Supply Chain Management'

Dr. Vivek Kumar

Associate Professor

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