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Academic Roadmap

Program Delivery
Industry Learning shall deliver the Industry integrated PGDM (Total - 111 Credits) with the help of experienced industry professionals/ subject matter experts and seasoned facilitators. The program aims at delivering the required trade/ domain knowledge through a blended form of classroom and practical trainings. The intention of the program is to prepare the students to be industry ready.

Lloyd Business School PGDM - Human Resource Management (Trimester System)
Participation LBS & Manpowergroup
Trimester I
Course Code Course/ Paper Name Methodology Credit
PGC101 Marketing Management I 3
PGC102 Management Accounting I 3
PGC103 Business Law I 1.5
PGC104 Organization Behavior I 3
PGC105 Business Communication I 1.5
PGC106 Human Resource Management 3
PGC107 Managerial Economics 3
PGC108 Quantitative Techniques 3
PGC109 Computer Application in Management 3
Total Credits 24
LBS & Manpowergroup
Trimester II
Course Code Course/ Paper Name Methodology Credit
PGC201 Marketing Management II 3
PGC202 Management Accounting II 3
PGC203 Business Law II 1.5
PGC204 Organization Behavior II 3
PGC205 Business Communication II 1.5
PGC206 Financial Management I 3
PGC207 Operations Research 3
PGC208 Research Methodology 3
PGC209 Macro Economics 3
PGC210 Management Information System 3
Total Credits 27
LBS and Manpowergroup
Trimester III
Course Code Course/ Paper Name Methodology Credit
PGC301 Financial Management II 3
PGC302 Production & Operations Management 3
PGC303 Business Environment 1.5
PGC304 Strategic Management 3
Modern Technique of Employees Recruitment and Selection Classroom Lecture 3
HRM in Service Sector Classroom Lecture 3
Wage determination and administration Practical training 3
Case Based Field Project Practical training 3
Total Credits 22.5
Industry Oriented Practical Practical training 3
Lloyd & Manpowergroup
Trimester IV
Course Code Course/ Paper Name Methodology Credit
Entrepreneurship Development 3
Designing & Managing Supply Chain 3
Training and Development Practical training 3
Fundamentals of Labor laws Practical training 3
Elective Minor I 3
Elective Minor II 3
Total Credits 18
LBS and Manpowergroup
Trimester V
Course Code Course/ Paper Name Methodology Credit
PGC501 International Business & Negotiations 1.5
PGC502 Leadership Development 1.5
PGC503 Business Ethics & CSR 1.5
OJT Linked Placement Plan Practical training 6
Elective Minor 3
Elective Minor 3
Total Credits 16.5
LBS & Manpowergroup
Trimester VI
Course Code Course/ Paper Name Methodology Credit
PGC601 Major Research Project 3
Total Credits 3

Academic Credits: 18
Industry/ Field/ On-job Credits: 9

Trimester III:
Industry shall cover 04 subjects/ papers (12 Credits)
  • HRM in Service Sector
  • Wage determination and administration
  • Modern Technique of Employees Recruitment and Selection
  • Case Based Field Project
Trimester IV
    Industry shall cover 02 subjects/ papers (6 Credits)
  • Training and Development
  • Fundamentals of Labor laws

Trimester V
OJT Linked Placement
PGDM in HRM - Program Structure; Program execution will begin from Trimester III up to Trimester V within a span of 1 year as per the program details below.


  1. Internship /OJT & Project ( Internship Duration: 45 Days) (06 Credits)

    Students will undergo Internship at after the completion of Trimester III assessments, to be arranged by Industry at manpower office locations and giving them an overview of the industry (Recruitment and Selection, HR Operations, Sales HR)

    Project Report: Case Study based project submission (03 Credit)

    Students will prepare and submit industry report/ summary based on their internship experience.
  2. On-Job Training (OJT Duration: 90 days (06 Credits)

    The students will undergo On-Job Training at locations/ companies offered by Industry Pvt. Ltd. for a minimum period of 6 Months. The OJT comprises 20 credits. Students may be considered for placement after they have completed their OJT. Stipend during this period for OJT students will be the sole discretion/norms of the companies

3 months OJT at Companies
Project Titles for OJT
Project preparation & submission
Placement drive